Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I want in life

Time flies...It's been one and a half year since i stop working. Many things has happen during this period. Can't forget the exciting experience of traveled to Switzerland/Austria and Melbourne, having baby made in Switzerland, enrolled for Master course in USM, so on and so forth....

During these times, I reflect a lot on what I want in my life. I used to thought that happiness is the most important thing in life to chase after and i still do. However how to keep feeling happy in life is a big challenge. In life, we sure have ups and downs. When we are happy, we must be grateful and when we are downs, we must always think that it'll gone through fast. That's how we learn to be happy.

Now that I'm expecting, my focus is on taking good care of the little one as well as myself and also my daughter. This is my short-term goal per se. Well, I'm kind of person who cant really think of the long term goal after all.

Lastly, I prayed for a smooth delivering and an exciting life ahead!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids Love Dancing and Perfoming

Last Sunday we had our dinner at Sunway Carnival Mall and my daughter spend about an hour's time "performing" her dancing skill and taking photo around the stage area.
I guess not only her, but most of the kids nowadays like to dance and sing openly in the public and they are not shy like we use to be. If you watch the video below, the 2 years old gal beside her can really twist her butt nicely and they seem to enjoy it so much!
It's kind of entertaining to watch them dancing so happily :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Looking forward to new member in the family

Yesterday I told my daughter, Kai Shuen that I'm going to see doctor for checkup and that her grandpa will fetch her back from school. She suddenly feel so excited and said to me "yeah mommy, are you going to operate and take out the baby from your stomach today?" Hahaha...she seems desperately want to meet and play with her sibling as soon as possible. I have to disappoint her by asking her patient to wait for another 6 months time. I'm glad that she is much more looking forward to the new member in our family than both me and her dad. She started to plan for many thing, eg. she want the baby to sleep together on her hello kitty bed, she wanted to feed the baby, she ask her grandma to help take care of the baby while she is away to school, she want to bring the baby together to the theme park and wave to the baby while she sit on the roller-coaster...all short of fun activities coming into her mind, sending us the signal that she's really excited about the new baby.

I was also feeling great yesterday after seeing the ultrasound scanning. The baby is moving actively and we can see the nose, hand, leg clearly; unlike my first baby where the doctor was using "not so advance" ultrasound machine which can't see the baby clearly.

I guess it is normal to have different feeling, experience and story on each and every pregnancy. This time round, I only have appetite on spicy and sour food. Not so much craving for durian, which is a lucky thing, as durian can casue high sugar level in the blood. Anyway, every pregnancy is a joy, anxious but unforgettable experience and I'm ready to embark on the journey once again! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kids like dancing?

Recently we have a new entertainment. Guess what is it? It's the dance performance from our little girl. I don't know where she learn all those funny steps from, maybe it's from TV that she might not be able to followed it correctly. Anyway, it was really funny and it looks like practicing taichi to me...haha..see the video below and you will know what i mean...

Also when I show her the many different dances from the Youtube and asked if she would likes to learn one of those, she seems to be attracted to only the cheer leading. I wonder where she can learn cheer leading in Penang though, any idea, mothers?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Kids of 4 years old love to do?

Whoa..It's been so long since i last wrote my blog. Geez..am i became so lazy, or was it because nothing to write? Anyway my interest to fill my blog is coming back and so will start with some interesting story about my daughter.
She's growing up well and starts to show interest in many sports and outdoor activities as well. A very obvious change recently (she is 4 years old this year) is that whenever she played in playground nowadays, she'll choose more challenging one compare to just slide or seesaw. She will try out the monkey bar although she was not able to climb it by her own but rather clinging on her dad and just move her hand. I guess she inherit it from you, liking all outdoor stuff but i bet she will be even more aggressive than me in future when she grew up. :)

Many asked me if i am going to sent her for piano class but it seems to me that she's not the type who can sit still for .5hour playing the piano. Rather, i asked if she wanted to go for dancing class. I shown her some dance video from the youtube and guess what her interest is? Among all those clip I shown her, she was so excited with the cheer-leading clip. Immediately after seeing it she wanted to have a try and asked us to hold her up high with our hand...I guess a person's characters can be noticed since very young, isn't it? This has lead me to think about what was my own interest during young time..which i might have forgotten due to the overwhelm of life....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Right brain development

I'm back to talk about what are some of the methods used for right brain development for kids following the first article release about why right brain development is so important for young kids.
The very key method used is flashing the flash card/dot card in the speed of .5 to 1sec to the kids. It's not meant for children to understand the content, but rather to try activate the right brain. As we know, right brain work differently from left brain. It can process fast and lots of information at one time which left brain cannot. Thus when we trying to inputs kids with lots of information at short time, the left brain will stop working and pass the job to right brain. Hence, this method is an excellent way to help activate the right brain.
Second most important method i felt is letting the kids listening more often to the songs, poem, classic Chinese teaching and so on, or read to them. Again, in this process, what we want is to develop the right brain which works with sounds better than text and not emphasize on the understanding of the content.
Next is playing some fun memory games or puzzle with the kids. One of the game i like to play with my daughter is to show her 10 picture cards, asked her to memorize it them flipped to the back and start calling out the picture's name one by one. If she get it right, I'll give her some cards as the reward. She played well especially when there is competition with Daddy :)
Of course there are more method that I haven't discover and will be glad to hear from you guys :)

Anyway,one thing not to forget is, the foundation to all this are still loving, healthy child. Don't even talk about brain development without a healthy body, soul and mind, isnt it?