Friday, August 2, 2013

Looking forward to new member in the family

Yesterday I told my daughter, Kai Shuen that I'm going to see doctor for checkup and that her grandpa will fetch her back from school. She suddenly feel so excited and said to me "yeah mommy, are you going to operate and take out the baby from your stomach today?" Hahaha...she seems desperately want to meet and play with her sibling as soon as possible. I have to disappoint her by asking her patient to wait for another 6 months time. I'm glad that she is much more looking forward to the new member in our family than both me and her dad. She started to plan for many thing, eg. she want the baby to sleep together on her hello kitty bed, she wanted to feed the baby, she ask her grandma to help take care of the baby while she is away to school, she want to bring the baby together to the theme park and wave to the baby while she sit on the roller-coaster...all short of fun activities coming into her mind, sending us the signal that she's really excited about the new baby.

I was also feeling great yesterday after seeing the ultrasound scanning. The baby is moving actively and we can see the nose, hand, leg clearly; unlike my first baby where the doctor was using "not so advance" ultrasound machine which can't see the baby clearly.

I guess it is normal to have different feeling, experience and story on each and every pregnancy. This time round, I only have appetite on spicy and sour food. Not so much craving for durian, which is a lucky thing, as durian can casue high sugar level in the blood. Anyway, every pregnancy is a joy, anxious but unforgettable experience and I'm ready to embark on the journey once again! :)


YCB ~ Biology ~ PCGHS said...

Great to hear this good news! Looking forward to have a new play mate with Jor Xayn & Jor Wii.

Kelly Goh said...

Yup..more friends..:)