Thursday, September 11, 2008

A rejuvenated vacation place...Malihom

Have you ever heard about Malihom in Balik Pulau Penang?
I was talking to a friend from balik pulau about this expensive resort at balik pulau and try to find out from him more info. Apparently he also don't know where is the place exactly located but he mention to me that they the resort only serve 17 customers per day...sound interesting, isn't it?
Driven by my curiosity, I decided to go online to do some research. This private estate was owned by one of the rich Malaysian- Yeap Chor Ee. It was meant for his family's vacation but now is it also open for public. They have got 9 different chalet and i bet each must have different view of Penang. One of the chalet is shown on the right. The rate is from RM5++ to RM7++ depending on the type of the room, a bit expensive isn't it? But remember, they only served 17 customers/day wor, so this rate should be reasonable.
There is many lockout bridge for you to admire the
fabulous view of Penang from different angles. (Even though i never been there before but i bet the view should be fantastic since the chalet is built on top of high mountain )
Well, if you interested to learn more, just go to below website. That's it from me for the free advertisement to Malihom :)


SY said... free trip to there arh!!!!!!!!

Madley said...

WoW! RM5++ is exceptionally cheap!!Did you mean RM500++? :P
But what caught my attention at first glance is the word 'Malihom'...that sounds like 'Mali mali hom'...:)