Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I want in life

Time flies...It's been one and a half year since i stop working. Many things has happen during this period. Can't forget the exciting experience of traveled to Switzerland/Austria and Melbourne, having baby made in Switzerland, enrolled for Master course in USM, so on and so forth....

During these times, I reflect a lot on what I want in my life. I used to thought that happiness is the most important thing in life to chase after and i still do. However how to keep feeling happy in life is a big challenge. In life, we sure have ups and downs. When we are happy, we must be grateful and when we are downs, we must always think that it'll gone through fast. That's how we learn to be happy.

Now that I'm expecting, my focus is on taking good care of the little one as well as myself and also my daughter. This is my short-term goal per se. Well, I'm kind of person who cant really think of the long term goal after all.

Lastly, I prayed for a smooth delivering and an exciting life ahead!

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