Thursday, December 4, 2008

Invincible Bruce Lee

Recently me and JJ love to watch the Lee Xiao Long movie on everyday 8.30pm. The actors and actress acting skill are actually not so good and sometimes it is funny, despite of that, we still like to watch it. Maybe it is due to the high confidence and motivation that projector by Lee Xiao Long which attracted us. It seems like there is nothing in this world that could defeat him, from the challenge of the best martial art master to the injury that doctor say he will not be able to stand up and walk. However, he never give up and finally he is able to continue to practice his kung fu and create his own kung fu style. Hehe...even though this sounds unbeliveable but it give me a hope, that miracle could happen if you believe in it and never give up :)
Kudos Bruce Lee !!!


mk said...

You seems to be very hardworking to update your blog, keep it up :)

Gaik Ling said...

hehe... u know me lar, i like to share, be it haapy, sad or anger incident :)