Saturday, October 11, 2008

A nice gift from HSBC

I got a HSBC credit card and due to my birthday, they sent me a voucher whereby i can claim free cup of coffee and a piece of cake from starbucks. I guees so far this is the best "free" gift i get for my birthday. Other "free" gift was either not really free or I dont like it that much. I ate the blueberry cheese cake and it was good.
Me and my friend also "ta pao" the big apple donut to have it together with the starbuck coffee. Guest what, it was my first time eating it and i love it so much. The donut testure is so soft but yet the outer layer is so crispy. Their have many flavour and we tried the peanut, cocklat, mango, green tea,
white cocklat with nut and even the durian flavour. All taste good but my favorite is cocklat, peanut and durian...
(Haha...forgot to take photo before we ate the donut, about finishing only suddenly recall :))
It was a nice outing with my girlfriends and really enjoyed the time chatting with them.


Anonymous said...

If you go KL Pavillion,buy the donut there and really really nice.The best in Malaysia I will said.Remember, ta pao for me :)

Gaik Ling said...

Thanks for letting me know, must try then. BTW, mind to let me know who you are? If not how to ta pao for you? :)

SY said...

How come i din receive anything from HSBC 1:( ?