Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Right brain development

I'm back to talk about what are some of the methods used for right brain development for kids following the first article release about why right brain development is so important for young kids.
The very key method used is flashing the flash card/dot card in the speed of .5 to 1sec to the kids. It's not meant for children to understand the content, but rather to try activate the right brain. As we know, right brain work differently from left brain. It can process fast and lots of information at one time which left brain cannot. Thus when we trying to inputs kids with lots of information at short time, the left brain will stop working and pass the job to right brain. Hence, this method is an excellent way to help activate the right brain.
Second most important method i felt is letting the kids listening more often to the songs, poem, classic Chinese teaching and so on, or read to them. Again, in this process, what we want is to develop the right brain which works with sounds better than text and not emphasize on the understanding of the content.
Next is playing some fun memory games or puzzle with the kids. One of the game i like to play with my daughter is to show her 10 picture cards, asked her to memorize it them flipped to the back and start calling out the picture's name one by one. If she get it right, I'll give her some cards as the reward. She played well especially when there is competition with Daddy :)
Of course there are more method that I haven't discover and will be glad to hear from you guys :)

Anyway,one thing not to forget is, the foundation to all this are still loving, healthy child. Don't even talk about brain development without a healthy body, soul and mind, isnt it?

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