Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Right Brain development is essential for 0~3 years old

Recently i had been reading the book about the right brain development for kids especially at the age of 0~3, and the method is called Shicida method. All this while I know that right brain is very powerful if we can properly used it but i dont know what is the best method to train the right brain. I have gotten lots of tips and way to help developing my daughter's right brain after reading the book by professor Shicida from Japan.

According to him, we are born with smaller right brain compare to left brain. So it is essential to develop the right brain at the age of 0~3 so that the size of the 2 brain can get balanced. Right brain is much more powerful than the right brain. It has the "camera"type of memory which can captured lots of information at a glimpse and record it at the right brain for future processing. The way it works are very much different from the left brain. For left brain, it needs to understand the information, analysis it then only it can be register at the left brain, but for right brain, it doesnt need to process and understand the information before capturing it. Which is so through over my observation on my daughter and me memorizing the klasik chinese teaching called "Di Tzi Gui". Recently i bought her the CD of it and played to her whenever she is sitting inside the car. After just 4/5days of continuous doing so, she can read to me the 4 sentences of the first paragraph of the Di Tzi Gui. However, for me, i was trying so hard but i couldn't remember it until i read it word by word and understand the meaning of it, then only i can memorized which proven that I'm the typical left brain person.

I think most of us are left brain educated and so our IQ cant really go that far. Nowadays since people has discovered the powerful of the right brain, it has then become important to change our education method to our kids which more focus on the right brain development at younger age. In the book, it shared some of the way to help developing the right brain and i'll share with all in the next post. Till then, have a good day!

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