Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Kids of 4 years old love to do?

Whoa..It's been so long since i last wrote my blog. i became so lazy, or was it because nothing to write? Anyway my interest to fill my blog is coming back and so will start with some interesting story about my daughter.
She's growing up well and starts to show interest in many sports and outdoor activities as well. A very obvious change recently (she is 4 years old this year) is that whenever she played in playground nowadays, she'll choose more challenging one compare to just slide or seesaw. She will try out the monkey bar although she was not able to climb it by her own but rather clinging on her dad and just move her hand. I guess she inherit it from you, liking all outdoor stuff but i bet she will be even more aggressive than me in future when she grew up. :)

Many asked me if i am going to sent her for piano class but it seems to me that she's not the type who can sit still for .5hour playing the piano. Rather, i asked if she wanted to go for dancing class. I shown her some dance video from the youtube and guess what her interest is? Among all those clip I shown her, she was so excited with the cheer-leading clip. Immediately after seeing it she wanted to have a try and asked us to hold her up high with our hand...I guess a person's characters can be noticed since very young, isn't it? This has lead me to think about what was my own interest during young time..which i might have forgotten due to the overwhelm of life....

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