Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Penang day trip

After a week off from work, yesterday i drove to penang. Feel so relax because no jam and i am not rushing on time. I went to e.excel to buy some products first, then go to QBM.
I have an interesting feeling while doing a little shopping at QBM, the feeling of Guilty, yes, you get me right, is guilty!!! know, that kind of feeling like ponteng school, or ponteng work...guess i forgot "that i am no longer working. But you can see that the long 10 years of working really has an in-depth influence on it. There is a saying of "old habit die hard", how true!
This led me to think of the importancy of childhood developments. How today we grow them up, it will be their habit and it's hard for them to change in the future.

I had side track so much, let's get back to the penang trip, ya, actually the main purpose i go penang was to attend a basic 2 hours seminar by wealth mastery accademy on FOrex trading. The 3days course + 3 months personal coaching = has gone up since my fren attended a similar class. Still thinking of whether to join or just do my shelf study??


Yapp Poey Hee said...

Share once you master the skills :) It's very interesting now since the forex market keeps moving because of PIIGS and potential China bubble....

PS: Need to get some tips from you on your New Zealand trip. Planning a big family trip there probably sometime next year.

Gaik Ling said...

can can, i still keep some brochure, maybe can pass it to you :)

不一样的天空 said...

Invest on the course to get more return in future!Don't look at smal small money 1st :)