Monday, April 2, 2012

My girl has stopped pacifier

My girl has finally stopped her pacifier at the age of 2.5 years old. She was very much intact with her pacifier that i once thought it may be so difficult for her to weaning it off. So I never really come across the idea of taking away her pacifier from her until one day i was told so by my neighbor. She advise me to give it a try cause my daughter is already 2 and a half years old (most people get rid of pacifier at 2). Thanks to her reminder, I told me daughter at that night that she was big girl now and she should not taking her pacifier anymore. I ask her if she is ok for me to through her pacifier away and suprisingly, she agreed. So during her bed time, she told me that she is big girl d, and she dont need pacifier anymore. I cant tell how much I was astonished by her response but i believe that she will come back to me for her pacifier sometimes. True enough she wake up around 5am in the morning crying for her pacifier, but i told her that i had throw it away, although i didn't. I offered her to drink milk instead and after that she felt in sleep again. Some miracle happens, that morning request was the last time and she has been without her pacifier for 4 days. I couldn't believe that it turned out to be so easy than I thought.
This incident has given me some new thought/experience that sometimes thing we thought is difficult, it may turn out to be easy; so why we spent our energize worrying about it? Just do it! :)


Yuan Szu said...

U have done it really well. I cannot agree with the way of just throwing the pacifier away secretly without telling the child. I find it easier for the child to get rid of pacifier if you discuss with them, and let them agree with it. If they refuse, then just give them some time.. keep on asking for their approval until they agree with it. U pandai nia.

Kelly Goh said...

I was just learning it from other more experience mother also :)