Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun cycling at Mengkuang Dam

Last week although it was raining, we still brought Kai Shuen to "Mengkuang Dam" at BM for cycling. When we reached there, it was just drizzling and so we walked with umbrella to the shelter and let her play her bubble while waiting for the rain to stop. Luckily it stop after half an hour and she got the chance to cycle. She was very excited as this was the first time we brought her outdoor to cycle. She was cycling very fast and enjoyed been chased by us from the back. I have to run to be able to catch up wtih her and she laugh when i was not able to catch her, very naughty..well kids are all like that i guess, being playful :)
Mengkuang Dam is really a good place for kids and family to run, stroll, feeding fish (i am not sure if it is allowed but i saw poeple doing so), and many tooks beautiful photos of the environment...
Kai Shuen in action

She cycled very fast and enjoyed see us chasing after her :)

 We have a good time and she definetely was very very tired until she fall in sleep while we were having dinner right after mengkuang dam. See the picture below, I have to hold her with one hand and eat with another :)

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