Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Damai Laut Trip

Have been planning a trip with friend to Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut for quite sometime and finally the day has came. We start our relax jurney around 9am and stop by Ipoh town to have our favorite Tim Sum. It tooks about 2 hours driving from Ipoh. When we first arrvied, we were welcome by the cool breeze and peaceful seaview at the lobby. After check-in and freshen up ourself, we headed to the beach where the fun started. It's the first time Kai Shuen experiencing the sand plays with her newly bought beach playing tools. She and her buddy was really having lots of fun playing with the sand and we parents got to relax and enjoyed at the beach too. At around 6pm, we then move to the swimming pools and let the kids play the water. Kai Shuen was tall enough and she can walk inside the pool instead of floating. However on the second day when we brought her to the pool, she suddenly lean back on her float and put up her 2 legs and kicking and was able to move to the back, so we thought maybe it's time we let her tried out in the adult's pool. Just a few minute trying in the adult's pool, she was able to swim a bit to the front and very good is kicking the water and moved toward the back. We were so proud of her progress. I think she will growth up as a outdoor person :)

Not to forget to mention that the food we had for our 1st dinner at Blossom & Thai Taste Restaurant was awesome and the 2nd night buffet dinner (seafood barbecue) by the beach was also great, somemore there was a short Malay traditional performance dance. Overall it's a great vacation with my family and friend's family....should have more of this getaway...

Family photo when we first arrived at the swiss garden damai laut

Kai Shuen wearing a bit oversized hat, borrowed from aunty Amber
Playing at the beach with her buddy -BabyG

With Mummy at the seaside
Two sexy Mom :-)