Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning at Nursery

There is always some debat among parents whether to sent the kids to nursery at the age of 3 or younger. Some said sending them to nursery can let them learn some social skill, sharing and also some other academical knowledge. However the draw back is that, kids are more prompt to getting sick as they can easily pick up the viruses and bacteria from their friends. For me, I was forced to sent her to half day nursery because my mother was not able to take care of my daughter in the morning as she needs to cook. Good thing is, my daughter likes to go school. She loves playing and mixing around with other kids. Just that she don't like to study and can't seem to sit quietly for long. Anyway, she still learnt a lot from school. Starts to sing songs that i dont really understand what she was singing about, whether it's English or Tamil :). She also learnt what is big and what is small...etc...The most significant changes that i can observe is her colouring skill. I was surprised to see her color within the boundary that i draw for her. Good job Kai Shuen! Do keep having fun while learning new thing everyday... :)

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