Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our first visit in Oregon

We had our first visit in Oregon to the Oregon Zoo. We take the train from the station near our house to the Zoo. It is very convenience because the train station is directly underneath the Zoo, so we just need to take the escalator up and walk to the Zoo entrance, plus taking the public transportation entitle you for a USD1.5 discount from the adult fees USD10.5. KS is under 2 years old so it is free :)
The Zoo is very big and well organised with big tress and many flower and plants. Visiting to the zoo in US is very different from visitng the zoo in Malaysia mainly due to the weather and humidity. Here you feel relax, comfortable because no sweat and not smelly too. Kai Shuen was really excited to see so many big animals like the bears, elephants, giraffes and polar bear. And her favorite among all is the penguins and ducks. That's because she enjoyed seeing them swing in the water. Believe me or not, she was playing at the penguin area for more than half an hours. We keep asking her to go to see other animals but she just dont want to leave the place. There is also an area whereby visitors are allowed to get closed to the animals by touching them. These animals are like rabbits, goats, chickens and so on, something that we can easily seen and find in Malaysia. :) Overall, it was a great and pleasant trip although we just spent about 3 hours inside the zoo.

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