Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finding the day care for my daughter

These week, i brought kai shuen to visit 2 day care centers nearby. One is call the "learning year"and the other is the Kindercare. We finally sign up with the kindercare as it as a 10% discount for Intel employee :)
Not only that but the learning year doesnt have the half day program for toddler below 3 years old which I intend to sent my daughter only for the half day. First visit to the Kindercare, Kai Shuen seems to be like it especially she loves to mix around with other kids, exploring the stuff in the class. She was playing fine while I was talking to the principal until when I tried to step outside of the classroom, she starts crying for me. Well, i guess is not easy and it need times, but hopefully she can handle it after a few days when I start sending her to the day care. We had our 2nd visit to the Kindercare together with my husband yesterday. This time she was happily playing with a big sister at the play ground and totally ignored us, whcih is a good sign! I think she prefer playing with those bigger kids rather than mising around with the kids at similar age. Anyway, next week i am allowed to sent her to the day care 1 or 2 days for few hours so that she can get familiar with the environement before officially sending her to the day care at 29th August. I really hope she will like it and gain a different experiences of her own :)


ChorEW said...

Second visit already she ignored you, which is fast. My gal last took about 1 week -2 weeks to be ok.

Kelly Goh said...

oh, but it was not full day, just half an hour visit mah, so i guess is different. I saw some kids keep crying, so pitty them, my girl will be like that too, i think :)