Sunday, August 14, 2011

First visit to the doctor in US

It's just the 2nd weeks herebut we had to bring Kai Shuen to see the doctor already, too bad. She was vomiting and having diarrhea. I think she got it from her father who was also sick. She vomitted 5 times in a days and my gosh, it was a carpeted floor, imagine how tuff I am to clean it!!! Because she can't wait for appoinment, we brought her to immediate care or urgent care center. After the registration, the nurse brought us to a room to check her body temperature and weight her. Then we wait inside the room where the doctor will come to us shortly. This is a bit different from malaysia where all the patients will have to wait outside and wait for the turn to go into doctors' office but i like it because you dont have to mix around with other ill's patients :)
After the doctor see her and gave the prescription, we rush to the nearest pharmacy to get the medicine. Total cost us USD10, where USD5 is for the doctor and another 5 for the medicine. Luckily we are covered by the insurance and this is the min co-pay cost needed. After she taken the medicine twice, she seems to be better now. Hope she will recover by weekend so that we can bring her to new adventures...:)

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