Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bad thing happen when it seems to be all perfect

Recently i just told me friend that i felt scared and he asked me why i thought so since I was surrounded by all good blessing. I told him that is the reason I scared because I believe that when all things seems to be good and perfect, there might be some bad thing is going to happen (a strange theory of my own). True enough it happen to me last monday. I started to get high fever, vomit and later diarrhea. It was a really bad one and after 5 days where i thought i was getting well soon, a more serious problem I had discover. I was diagnosed of  DENGUE. Admitted hospital on Sat morning and my platelet count was 113. Today blood test result shown it further drops to 100,oh, my godness. But i was feeling ok, no joint paint, no fever now and just like a normal person. The bad part of all this was, i am gonna missed my flight to US on monday evening, but what to do? We can only plan for the best but God will determines the steps. I trust that everything happen for its own reason and i will just continue to be grateful for what I have and what i dont. Cheer!!! :-)

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