Friday, July 15, 2011

My daughter going through Terrible twos Syndrome

My daughter is going to be two years old this September but right now we have observed that she start to change. She used to listen to me and my mom, when we said "No", most of the times she will follow. It was more easy to switch her attention when she request for something that we can't provide her. But this is not the case right NOW! My litttle angel has turn to little monster. Whenever her request is not fullfill, she will scream and sometimes even lay down on the floor and crying out loud. And when we said "No"to her misbehaviour, she seems to ignore us and sometimes even do it more! Sounds familiar to you? I shared here some of the tips how to handle it and pls, pls do share with me your "success story"too on how to control your terrible twos year toddler.

Tips 1# After realising that I can't control her by saying No, I use other ways. Depending on the situation, i will try to offer her another alternative. Example if she want to tear her story book, i will bring her some paper and teach her how to make an aeroplane out of it. Or sometimes i will just ignore her misbehaviour and spark her curiousity by telling her that I'm going to do something that she would be interested in, like playing the balls or eating biscuit and fruits. With that, she might stop and forget what she is currently doing and join me for the play.

Tips 2# Find something for her to do that will spent her extra energy. Let her walk or run outside the safe compound, or bring her to playground, I notice that once she stay too long time in the house, she starts to get frustrated. She loves to do household work together too like hanging or folding clothes.

Tips 3# Sometimes when she really make me angry, i will told her that Mommy is angry and I dont want to talk and play with her. She will feel guilty and trying to make me talk to her by calling me and hug me. I will then take this opportunity to teach her what is the right thing to do and what is a NOT. Although she might make the same mistake again next time, but at least one that moment, she will stop doing what is not right.

I hope she will go through this terrible twos syndrome soon. Pls do share with me your ways to cope with it.

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ChorEW said...

Gaik Ling, haha, now you know what i mean by angel to monster...same to me here with my son...sreaming load when he demand is not fulfilled. But I like your tip 3, this help correcting their misbehaviour. I must try this way sometimes.