Saturday, August 6, 2011

Greeting from Oregon!

Finally, I had reached the state safely after the long long flight. This trip was full of adventures with kai shuen travelling with us and it has become a life memorable event for me ( u will know why i said that after finished really this article). The first flight that we boarded, she was getting really excited especially where she can watch the view outside throuh window. Initially she was sitting nicely on her seat. However, she started to scream when the flight is taking off. She doesn’t want the seat belt to be fastened, instead she wanted to wake up and walk. This is when my nightmare started….I have to keep her occupied by either letting her played on the digital camera or eating her smarties from the winnie the pooh dispenser but still the 10 or 15 min of taking off and landing of the flight is like a year for me:( It was really tuff. For those of you who have the experience flu with kids before might share the same feeling as me. After the first few taking off and landing, she seems to be getting use to it and was able to sit patiently. I thought it was a good sign until the last flight transfer from San Francisco to Portland. She was sleeping while we boarded the flight. She suddenly wake up and start crying non-stop feeling so scared and asked us not to board the plane. I don't know why she reacted so differently on this flight compare to the rest. She might have frightened by something, maybe the negro air stewardess, i am not too sure. BUt the way she cried is really different and i have never seen her crying like that before. Whatever thing i gave her or whatever thing i did, i cant console her and make her stop crying. She just don't want to sit on her seat alone and want me to carry her. I feel so helpless and scared looking at my poor little gal. Once after the plane taken off, i quickly hugged her in my arm and finally she stop crying and fall asleep...I thought everything is already then but she wake up again when landing time...Oh my god! She started to cry again like when we were taking off. Again, there is nothing i can do to make her feel comfortable and stop crying. So pitty her and this was the longest and scariest flight i have ever had in my life.....

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