Monday, July 4, 2011

3 more weeks

Kind of busy recently as there is only left 3 more weeks before we go to US. It was my dream to experience a different life style in US for a period of time with my family, although i had been to US when i was single for about 3 months times. This trip is going to be 6months and we will went thru summer, autumn and winter..first white Christmas for me! :)
Gotten very excited but in the same time was worrying about many stuff. Worry if my daughter will be noisy in the plane or not, worry if she will get use to the weather and people around or not. Worry if she went to day care and people dont understand her (cause she dont speak English), how would she reacted? Haha..I guess i just worry too much already. Maybe everything will be fine and she will like the new environment, as well as and learn to speak English fast?
Put aside those worrying stuff, I had actually started to plan out for our trip and activities when we are in Oregon. I hope I will be able to record down all the places we have been to and all the interesting activities we do in Oregon in a new travel blog..:)


ChorEW said...

Awaiting your new excited blog.

YCB ~ Biology ~ PCGHS said...

Don't worry dear. Take some favourite toys along but keep them out of sight for a while before you board the plane. These will keep your child occupied.

I brought my son to US all by myself to and fro. Such an achievement! I rediscovered myself in the experience and found long lost courage when I was still single.

Reminding your child to get prepared and well behaved in the plane is an advice I would like to give you too. My son is properly reacted and even better than I expected. I told him mummy needs to go toilet from time to time, his patience is sought for it, and it did work!

Gaik Ling said...

Is amazing that you did that all by yourself, good job! and thanks for those good advise..