Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First playing in the pool experience

One of the very fun part of being a parent is to see my daughter enjoying and experiencing new things. She has had many of her first time expereience, and last sat we brought her to her first swimming trial. She was a bit cautious at first and sitting by the pool for quite sometime before she finally feel ready to go into the pool.
And once she is in the pool, she was so excited and kept splashing water to everyone in the pool :)

The funiest part is, she felt difficult peeing inside the pool and she kept holding on her lower part and finally she open her two legs wider and push it harder to release it, hehehe... ( I did try to bring her tot he toilet to pee but she just cant...)

Observing and getting emotional ready before her first attempt to go into the pool.....

Finally, she is in!!!

Keep splashing water to everyone...
Saw something nice to eat???

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littlespringvalley said...

She is really enjoy!Good job mummy :)opps!Daddy also :)