Thursday, July 7, 2011

My daughter cannot sleep without ME

Last night i have a gathering and it was jam on the way back. By the time I reach home, it's already close to 10am. I called my husband to let him know that it was jam, and wanted to talk to my daughter. Who's know after hearing my voice, she started to cry, and i felt so bad that I think i shouldnt have talked to her. Until when i reached home, i can still see her eyes shinning with tear...oh, I really felt so bad. My husband said that she even grab my usual t-sirt that i wear to sleep and crying for mommy - and heart just tear apart! Then the whole night she would just want me to carry her and wanted to sleep with me, which normally she will sleep on her own bed. In the day time, i think she is ok, just that in the night time, she just caouldn't sleep without me :)

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littlespringvalley said...

Normally they want us at night :( I wish I can have 1 day off as well but I think need time :(