Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Choosy Kids

My daughter is so choosy about her bottle nipple. She used to drink with a china brand bottle nipple but i recently changed it to Avent bottle nipple and she refused to drink her milk. I let her tried the new nipple for at least 5 times and each time she either don't drink her milk at all or she just couldn't finished it. I was so frustrate over her choosiness. When I exam the nipple carefully, I found that the Avent bottle nipple seems to be a bit harder compare to the China brand nipple. I should have continue to let her used the China Brand bottle nipple rather than changing it to the more expensive Avent brand, a lesson learnt :)
I bet in future, she will be choosy on what clothes to wear, what types of food to eat and so on...It has becoming more and more challenging as a parent when our children are growing up. It reminded me of what a friend of mine had said :" Kids are angels when they are small and become little monsters when they grow up" :-)

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ee weei said...

Haha, same to my son too, he was choosy since few months old when we mistakenly used her sister's bottle nipple for him...now you know how challenging the parent world is...