Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Children have good memory and imagination

I was amazed how such a small kid can has so good memory and imagination. Every night, my daughter will play with her reading cards about plants which her dad bought for her.Yesterday night, she suddenly pointed at one of the plant - peony and said"grandma, beautiful" and pointed at her dress too. I don't get it at first and thought she was just simply talk nonsense. But then she kept saying the same thing over and over again. So I took a serious look at it and suddenly recalled that my mother was wearing a blouse with some flower pattern printed on it which looks similar to this peony. Wow, I was astonished with her powerful memory and great imagination!!! I closed the book and asked her to show me again where is the beautiful flower that grandma wear. There she go, flipping to the same page again. No matter how many times I asked, she was able to reach to the same page. Then, i try to confuse her by introducing another plant to her. This time, i pick my favorite, sunflower and taught her its name for a few times. After a while, i asked her again where was  "grandma's beautiful flower", and  she was able to show it to me again! She also able to get to the right page where the sunflower was when asked, proofing that she really understand and can memorised these two different plants correctly. :-)
She always surprises me with her new capabilities and skills. This really make me feel happy and proud to be her mother!
The peony that resemble the flower pattern on my mom's blouse
Sunflower that i had just taught her

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