Monday, April 4, 2011

Nice Dim Sum at Shelaiton Auto City

Yesterday my hubby brought us to eat Dim Sum at the Chinese Restaurant- Shelaiton, in Auto City, Juru. The restaurant is famous for its fine dining, especially a popular venue for wedding dinner. He heard from his friend that they served delicious Dim Sum as well, so we give it a tried. I gave it a 8 out of 10, being 10 the best. I particularly like the Tan Tat (or egg tart) and the Siu Mai. The egg tart has a creamy, smooth filling with crispy crust and it is not too sweet, just nice. I really like it very much! Never tasted such a great egg tart before :)
Most of their steam dumpling are also fresh and delicious except the prawn dumpling, the Ha Kao. It has tick skin, not like the one i tried in Hong Kong before where the skin was "melt in the mouth"! I was not a fan of fish ball but this one that the restaurant served is really good. Don't know what ingredient they used to make the fish ball as it created the savory taste and the smooth texture. 
Well, if you like Dim Sum too, do pay a visit to Shelaiton Restaurant at Autocity, Juru.
My favorite dish, Tan Tat

The fish ball

Shuen sitting in front of the entrance waiting for her father to settle the bill.


Ee Weei said...

My mouth is watering reading your blog..

Gaik Ling said...

you should really have a try some day! :)