Thursday, April 7, 2011

Child safety in the car

Babies, toddler and children by right must be restrained in the car using a bassinet, child car seat or booster seat. Unfortunately, I saw many parent here in Penang doesn't let their kids sit on a proper car seat. My friend's daughter, who is just 2years old plus, was allowed to sit freely alone at the back seat. When I asked why don't she let her daughter sit inside a proper car seat, she replied that her daughter don't want too. Another scenario make me shock was a Malay mother sitting at the front passenger seat open the window and let her son playing with it while the car is moving. I feel so uncomfortable just by watching it but the mother seems so relax. Even though you are there to take care of your child but accident do happen! Accident can happen anytime and it is the best way to prevent your kids from injuries during a crash by putting them in the car seat. In my opinion, i think that if it is for your children's own good, we should really discipline them rather than just let them do whatever they like. We must try many different methods until they fell comfortable sitting in the car seat. I know...i know sometime it is hard when they keep crying at the back while you are driving. However for the sake of your child's safety, please do whatever you can! I trust that you will succeed at the end of the day and your effort is really worth it!

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