Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take off her pajamas pants by herself

While i was watching my favorite drama the other day, I notice that my daughter suddenly become very quiet. So i peek on her trying to find out what is she doing. To my surprise, she is trying to take off her pants by her own. I saw her trying very hard and was a little struggle. Since she didn't ask for my help, i just let her managed herself. Until when it goes to the commercial break that i finally saw her succesfully take off her pants and smile with satisfaction to me. The whole process tooks about 20 minutes long.
Then, the next morning, she seems interested to unbutton her pajamas. She try with on hand holding the first button and the other hand holding another button. Hence she was not successful unbutton it with the wrong matter. I try to show her how to do it but she become angry and refuse to follow. Then she gaves up! Har, really not easy to teach a child, isn't it? Or maybe children just like to learn it on their own ways?

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Ee Weei said...

Later she will wants to do almost anything by herself. When you try to help, she will not allow you. My son also began wanted to feed with his own hand, but we still not so allow because he will makes mess. We only let him to practise with those things easy to clean out...