Monday, March 28, 2011

Recipe to make chicken breast meat tender

Over the weekend, I try new recipe. As we all know, chicken breast is a more healthier part of the meat but often it doesn't taste as good and tender as the wings or drumstick. This recipe from my mom can make the meat soft and tender. First of all, cut the chicken breast into small slices. Then put some soya sauce, pepper, sugar, sesame oil, corn flour and mixed it together. Seasoned it for a few minutes. Fried it with some hot cooking oil in the pan until it is cooked. My mom also put fried potatoes to cook with it in the tomato sauce but i modified the ingredient. Instead of potatoes, I boiled some broccoli first and them fried it with the meat together with some capsicum. Here is how the final product looks like. The meat taste really good and tender. We may try it out!

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