Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never underestimate your child's capabilities

About two months ago, I wrote a post about my daughter getting a big bicycle from her grandpa. I thought that she can only able to ride it at around 2 years old because the bike is really "huge". But my mother was right, she said that looking at kai shuen's growth rate in terms of height, she would be able to ride the bike after 3 months or so. True enough, her leg was long enough to pedal the bike after 2 months from when she received the gift (she is 1.5years old now). She is now able to ride her bike slowly and steadily. What can i say, experience mother like my mom is always RIGHT! (my mom got 4 children and 11 grandchilds which most of them where babysit by her). Also - Don't we ever underestimate our children's capabilities :-)


eeweei said...

Really a surprise to see her paddle the bicyle!

YCB ~ Biology ~ PCGHS said...

Good! Wee Hoo should consider let Jor Wii try lor. He is 23 months now.