Monday, January 17, 2011

"BIG" gift for her

My girl receive her "big"gift from her grandpa over the weekend. I meant "BIG" as in the size of the gift is to big for her. The new bicycle is for toddler about age of 2 and above, she barely able to touch the paddle now. Initially we wanted to buy for her a smaller bike. After considering that the smaller bike can only last for maybe 6 months time and she may not be able to sit on it anymore, we change our mind. It is always in dilemma when buying things for kids. If we buy something that just fit for her now, soon it cant be used, but if we buy a little bigger, then she may not be able to use it now, sigh...unless I am so rich that can afford to buy so many things at different stages :) Anyway, she seems to like her pinky bike so much and started to explore it happily.
So cheerful sitting on her bike

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