Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chap Goh Mei

Last Thursday was the end of the Chinese New Year - The Chap Goh Mei (meaning the 15th days of the CNY). There are some celebrating in many places and one of them are in the 9 kings temples. I brought my gal to the events. It is drizzling initally but luckily after a while, the rain stopped. I thought she would be enjoying the songs and dance by the performance since she like to dance whenever she hear music. To my surprise, she don't seems to like it at all. Instead, she keeps staring at the aunty standing beside us and try to pull her dress. oh my godness, why is she like that? Also she won't let her father carry her. My hand was tired carrying her for hald an hour and finally at the third perfomance, we decided to go home. It was around 9pm when we leave. When she was at the car, she is happily sucking her pacifier and grab on her favorite pillow. I guess it is time for bed and she just want to go home... :)

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