Monday, February 14, 2011

Tian Gong Dan 天公誕

We celebrate Jade Emperor's birthday on the ninth day of the Lunar New Year. This event is consider one of the biggest among Hokkien people. I managed to capture some nice photo of one of the famous chinese temple in penang - the Nine King Emperor Temple during that day. People will normally prepared chicken, duck, rosted pork, fruits, different types of kuih, tea, joystick for chinese prayer, golden paper and the most important thing is the sugar cane. I did asked why sugar cane, and the answer i get was - It is sweet, so after the Jade Emperor eaten it, he will tends to say nice thing about your family :-)
And the very fun part of the whole celebration is the free fireworks show that we can enjoy. Most of the "rich" people will play the fireworks or/and firecrackers during the prayers and the "poor" get the chance to see  :)
At the main gate

Gorgeous view towards the temple

Lantern hang all over the temple

Fruits and food prepared for the prayer

This is the setup for the prayer at my mom's house

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