Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Sign language

I was watching the new the other day and it caught my attention when it talks about teaching baby sign language for pre-vebal child became very popular in England. My very first impression was - would teaching the sign language to the baby any easier than teaching them speaking? But i would be really helpful if we can communicate to the baby with the sign language. We will then know were they cry because they want milk or if they want to sleep or having a wet napkin. That's sounds wonderful isn't it? I guess it is not easy to teach them the sign language, it tooks us much patient and time for sure. The sign language teacher been interview in the TV reveal that baby who learn sign language are able to speak faster then those who are not. Also it is important to take note that when teaching the sign language, we must open our mouth and speak too. It will help baby to learn the sign language faster and more approriately.

One of the example i found from internet is the milk sign below.

Signing: The milk sign is a lot like milking a cow (or goat), but without the vertical motion – you are just squeezing the udder. You take both hands, make them into a fist, relax, and repeat.
You will notice most babies have trouble moving all fingers together at uniform speeds, but any kind of repeated squeezing and relaxing of the hand is likely milk.

Interested to learn more about the sign language? You can visit this link :

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