Monday, February 21, 2011

Selecting age-appropriate toys

I love to play with my daughter but sometimes we maynot know which toys is suitable for her age. Recently i have done some research on this and would like to share what toys are suitable and approriate for different stage of age. Bare in mind that this are generally guideline only. Every child is unique and may have different preferance of toys at different age.

0-6 months - New born babies learn to reach and grasp what they see. Hence the light-weight rattles, squeaky rubber toys, busy boxes and floating tub toys are very suitable for this age.

6-8 months - Babies can now hold small toys by themselves. They love to transfer toys from hand to hand. Toys they may enjoy are such as light-weight fabric balls, pictures blocks, and mobile toys where baby can push around. Lamaze toys are one of my favorite.

8-18 months - Babies in this age begin to experiment with size, shape and space. Approriate toys are push/pull toys(eg. wagon), blocks, rings on poles, shape sorters, simple take apart toys, and picture books.

18-24 months - Toddlers enjoy pretend play at this stage. (but i think my daughter who currently 16 months already find pretend play very fun. She love to use the remote control to pretend as phone) Toys like dolls, kitchen/tea sets, play house and toys cars (mainly for boys) are their favorite now.

2-4 years - Toddler in this age need to develop skills in various areas. Parents can provide a variety of toys that aid children's developments, eg art supplies to help develop creativity, simple puzzle and construction sets; even some minor sewing to aid develop fine and gross motor skills, miniature basketballs and hoops and other outdoor equipments to train the physical skills.

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