Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute baby <=> little monster

Sometimes kids can be so adorable and the other time they can turn to a little monster. :-)
Yesterday night, my girl was making noise running here and there doesn't want to sleep. I was so tired, it was already 10pm but she still can't sleep and want to disturb her grandma. I have no choice but to bring her downstair to the living room and play with her untill she feel sleepy. At around 11pm, she finally wanted to go to bed, so i brought her upstair. This time she laid on the bed quietly. Then she suddenly sit up and hold my index finger using her right hand while her left hand was holding her left foot. She use my index finger to tickle her left foot and laugh out loud. Her act was so cute. Oh man, my heart melt! The little monster has turn to a cute, adorable baby in just a second! :)

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