Friday, January 14, 2011

Reason why baby is crying

There must be a reason why baby keeps crying according to the expert and through my experiences. Yesterday I was chatting with a friend, sharing my motherhood experience to her, who is a mother to be (congrats! :-)). She mentions that her relative's child keeps crying and it tooks 3 persons, mom, grandmom and mom-in-law to take care of the little monster. There must be a reason why the baby keeps crying, he wont cry for no reason. Is just that we don't know how to "troubleshoot" what's going wrong with him. The main reasons for baby crying is hungry. However if you have already feed him and he is stying crying, looks for any wet diapers. These are the two very basic things to look for. Then if he still not feel comfortable, maybe he is too cold or too hot. Observe how he react under different environment, for eg when you wrap him up or without, with aircond or without, with bright light or not and etc, to see which environment he would prefer. Sometimes they might be choosy on the different types of bed as well weather it is soft or hard surface. Don't think that baby doesn't care all this thing, they might be just as choosy as adult: :). Another possible root cause is he want people carrying him so that he will feel warm and secure like when he is staying at his mom body. If all this doesn't seems to help, he might have been sick. Most of the cases are stomach discomfort due to gas. Bring your child to see doctor or you can try some chinese traditional way, massage his stomach with some chinese black oilments. If you observe he has fart, this mean he really got gas problem, and this could be the reason why he keeps crying. Every baby might be fussy at different things. As a parent and the caregiver, we need to be caring and observant in order to make the babies as comfort as possible since they can't talk and are rellying on us to get what they want.
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