Friday, December 17, 2010

She can follow instruction - the doctor said

Today i bring Kai Shuen for her pneumococal boster jab. Once she enter to the hospital, she keep waving at strangers saying "bye bye", so adorable,  and people keep looking at her. As usual, she was runing here and there, climb the sofa, went in front of the stranger staring and smiling to them, while waiting to see the doctor. Finally it was her turn and we went into the doctor's room and i put her on my lap. Immediately she grab the toys at doctor's desks and then throw it to the floor. Doctor was surprised to see her so active and ask her to pick up the toys. She did it and doctor praise her for being able "to follow instruction"...haha, but the funny thing is, the doctor was speaking english and i dont think my girl understand English because i use to speak mandarin with her. I guess she just interpret doctor's body language as he pointed at the toy. No wonder expert always say that children will follow what the adult do and say, they are so smart that we may not even aware of.

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