Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Potty Training

Never in my mind that children can take off their diapers so soon until today after I read an article about potty training for children can start as earlier as 9months old. Wow, really so? I guess different toddlers have different timing but i dont think most of them will be able to sit on the potty or go to toilet themselves without going through training.
So, how to train your child to go toilet or sit on the potty-chair? I had did some research and also gotten some guidance from my mother-in-law. It seems like the most effective way is to take off their diaper and bring them to toilet or sitting at the potty chair more frequently. Of course for the first few days you might have to cope with the mess but it works for most of the child. Well, even though if it doesn't work, there are more ways. Some parents mention that singing the kids their favorite songs or music while they doing their business does help too. Compliment the child or given them a small gift like stickers everytime they use the potty does help too according to others. Anyway, if we had tried our best and it still not successful, then let's don't be dissapointed, maybe they are not ready and we should try again next month!

Ok, after sharing all the tips, it is now for me to try it out on my gal, hopefully it works, then i can save money on buying diapers :)

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