Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raising up a happy child

All parents wish their children to grow up happy and healthy. We will try whatever we can to raise a happy kid but something we may still fail. Here are some tips in raising up happy children to share with all.

1.  Healthy child is the happy child
The main key to develop a happy child is to ensure his/her health. Balance and enough nutriton is needed in order for kids to grow healthier and happy. Not only health food, a good routine and enough sleep is also very important to maintain a good health. Also, make sure you gave them enought water.

2. Lots of love from parents
Children who get lots of love and attention from their parents and others sure to grow up happier than those who don't. Giving them kisses, hugs, play with them, read for them are some of the ways to express your love to them. However, don't mix your love with pampering the child. Too much following on your children's need may lead to spoiling your kids.

3. Make friends
No one in the world like to live alone. Children will need their playmates and friends as well. If your child don't have any siblings, you may let him/her play with your friends'children or your relatives' kids. However, you should put and eye on them while they are playing together during the first few times as they might ends up fighting with each other.

4. Creative Play
Toddlers have lots of energy. Most of their time are dedicated to play. You should schedule their time for both indoor and outdoor play. For indoor play, you should try to let them create their own creative and innovate play by giving them some natural things like spoon, cloth, cards, clothespin, stuffed doll or animals, crayon and so on. As for outdoor play, a good rubber mattered playground is one of my favorite choice. During weekends, you can also plan a short trip to some of the natural places like national parks, zoos, gardens and so on to get them closer to the nature.

5. Let Children resolve their own challenges
Sometime, we as the parents tend to protect and help our kids too much. For example, when our toddlers who just learning how to walk falls down and cry, we will rush to them and hug them. Although this is a good intention but it will prevent them to develop the skill to overcome their own challenges and problem. Instead, we should encourage them to stand up by themselves and walk again. As the children learn to cope and solve their problems, they will gain the sense of accomplishement and confidence. These are hallmarks of happy child.

There maybe more tips for raising up a happy child. If you would like to share yours, do leave your comment, thanks.

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