Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Household chores kids can do as young as 1 year old

I start training my kid to do simple household chores like throwing her own dirty diaper into the dustbin since she was around 11month old and she enjoy doing it. It has now become her habit to throw her own dirty diaper every morning before going to bath. Children learn things very fast and one of the good habit i figure out is to train them doing some simple household chores. And don't forgot to praise them for the good work after they did it per your instruction. You can see their happy and satisfied face when you do so :-)
At around 15 months old, she learn to use the cloth to wipe and clean stuff. Chair, table, wall, her own toys, floors and other thing. I didn't really teach her how to do this but i guess she learn from us. Me and my husband normally do the cleaning when she was awake. She always making noise and want us to play with her as we busy, so i decided to gave her a piece of clean cloth as well and guess what, she start following us by cleaning the table, so good girl, right? Next, i plan to train her eating with her own spoon :-)

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