Monday, December 6, 2010

Kid growing fast...

Children really grow very fast. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to share every moment of joy and sadness with her. She is going to be 15 months now and i witness the whole growing process. Now is capable of understand most of the instruction and words by us and of course will choose to follow or not to follow :).
Last sunday, we bring her to penang bird park and she was amazed at so much different birds that she never seen before although i can see her a bit scared as she hang tight on her father and dont want to come down on her feet.
In my opinion, it is always good to explore new thing to children especially through play. We as the parent, has the responsibility to help them explore new thing everyday. I dont trust in giving them many toys or expensive clothing but rather the quality time that spent with them is the most precious. Of course there are moment where i get angry with her too but i just have to control it and turn it to become a good leason for me and her.

Parenting is a journey and new challenges as well as happiness always await us....

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