Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interesting 1st time experience

So long didnt write anything in by blog d, been busy working on my travel website.
That day i bring my dad to court for his acident case. It was my 1st time going to the court and luckily i was smart enough to ask the lawyer on the dress code, if not i will be retain from going in with my short pant.
The overall experience is not good for me, other then wait patiently, it seems like nothing much we can do there. DO not know what is the procedure really drive me nuts. It seem to be silly to me that when the court caollo my father's name, he just need to go to the front not saying anything or been ask any question, just stand day for a few second then come back to his sit. There is only my father around at that time and so after my father is back to his sit with me, then the judge go into the office again...i was like, huh? So? what is that? wasting our time? no wonder my father case has to wait for 1.5 year only can go to the court, they are so "efficient"?? my godness....then the rest of the time, my father just wait and wait. Wait for what you know? wait for both parties' lawyer to settle it outside the court. Finally they come to an amount and my father accept it, then they bring my dad to see the judge again as a formality that no court case anymore, settle within both party. Wah, like that niah need to wait for 1.5 years...and the cheque, dunno need to wait how many month to get it.....this is reallt testing people's patient. Luckily i dont start law, cause no patient really cant be a lawyer i guess :)

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mk said...

haha. gam dou dak.