Friday, December 10, 2010

Interesting play created by my daughter

I am always amaze looking at my daughter playing with her own. Recently, she likes to grab a handkerchief, holding one of its corner, then slowly scroll down to another corner using another hand. Sometimes she did it too fast and she miss the corner, she will do it again and again. Once she had both the corner holding on with her 2 hands, she will then put it nicely in the table and feel so satisfied, smiling and crapping hands. Such a simple task can interest her to do it repeatably and she feel so happy and satisfied. I guess she must be very proud of herself of being able to do that even though in our eye it seems to be so simple.

Children are really creative and innovative. They maynot need the modern technology and battery operated toys, what they just need is their own imagination. Now that i see her playing, i really agree to the Waldorf Education that shared by a good friend of mine.

Waldorf Education emphasized on the important of creative play by the children and they believe that we should give them the natural things like cloth, shelf-made dolls and clothespin to play around rather than those hi-tech toys.

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