Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Recently i was actively shared with friends some investment opportunity. I receive an interesting comment from a friend. He say, if what you say is really true, then it is really too good to be true!
I think we all are being trainned that money can only be earned through a hard way. This message had been embeeded into our CPU since young. Those are hardcoded information and difficult to be changed. But i think the world we live in now has been changing, if we dont follow the trend, we will be loosing out no matter how intelligence we are.

Eg, our parent generation dont trust insurance, but our generation, who dont own an insurance policy? We used to say MLM cannot work, but we still see so many MLM company growing stronger and stronger and so many poeple success in MLM business.

I respect those elderly who take the effect to learn internet and computer, this shown that they want to keep up with the trend. Luckily i have a facebook account and blog too. that i dont feel so "OUT" :)

Time and tide wait for no Man!

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Casey said...

its always too early to put any assumption if we havent try :)