Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Journey to become a profitable trader

My journey to become a profitable trader started since May when i tender my resignation. I started by reading forex trading books and website. Found so passionate reading about those information until i wasn't able to sleep at night because my mind keep thinking about it. Then, i open the demo account and try to trade it without much knowledge. Sometime i earn and sometime i lost. The time when i earn, i was so excited and happy but when the time i loss, i feel less motivated and keep asking myself, can trading be profitable???
I guess this are the emotional changes that everyone will go through in their journey to become a profitable trader. I guess some might drop off half way but some who are persistance and determined will success. I told myself i wont quit! IF there are so many successful traders out there, i am sure i can be one of them. Of course it will not be easy but it is not impossible.
Hardwork and determination are the keys to success. I trust that whatever i do by putting my whole heart into it, I will be success, is just a matter of time. Yes, i must be patient, the time will come if i do not quit.....

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