Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup finally ended

1 month is so fast, the world cup as ended. During that period, i guess 90% of the guys are watching football, maybe 50% of the gal in the world are watching. This is only my gut feel statistic lar, maynot be true...Anyway, i just curios, why football is such a game that most of the guys will crazy about it and watching it? Is it because of the bet only? I dont think so..but if it is not, then why? why? Although i am not super football fence but i got watch also lar...hehe..
I watch because i like to see the team work of the player and their technique of passing the Messi...hehee..He can pass thru 2 or 3 defender sometimes, which is not a easy thing to do. Other than the skill, what else is so attractive about football?? I really dont understand why i can became such a famous game...

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