Friday, May 21, 2010

Never in my mind before

Do you ever imagine yourself wearing a short pant with T-shirt, no make-up, pulling a shopping basket, buying vegetables and grocery? I never imagine myself being such an aunty before in my life and guess what, today i had did so...hahahaha...never been so aunty before,really..... I am the type of person who doesnt like to go morning market because i feel it is very smelly. of course i still didnt go market nowadays but just shop in econsave.

Well, guess what, i do enjoyed it. Compare to the tuff meetings to attend to, all those quarel and disagreement, shopping for vege and do cooking seem to be more fun to me. Haha, guess i am old d, or maybe now that i have kid, family is more important than work for me. I think many of us especially ladies will switch their focus after having kids, you might have agreed with me :)
It is not a bad things, we should do what we wanted to in life. If this is your choice, go for it, why doubt!
Having said that, it doesnt mean that i will do nothing for my career, i am more eager to built up my career so that i can continue to enjoy the flexi-time and hence spent more time with my family...

Doesnt sounds like me? Well, people changed :)


不一样的天空 said...

Haha...welcome to the club!But hor, now I'm thinkinghow to be a pretty young untie ;)

mk said...

Haha wearing shot pant with no make up doesn't mean aunty, depending on what type of short pant. well, glad to hear you are enjoying it :D

**Shih Nyien** said...

Haha yes learn to become a pretty aunty :) I like going to morning market with my mom, even now in Singapore, I like to go morning market, look at people buying and selling, look at family having breakfast together, I feel warm :)