Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family trip to Muar

We went to Muar, my sister's house last friday for a short 4 days trip. This is the first time Kai Shuen on long distance's trip. At first, we were a bit worry cause not sure if she would like to sit on her car seat for long period of time or not. It turns up to be just find, she sit on her car seat and sleep when she get tired. Sometimes i thing she also sit until back pain d, so she make noise a bit and I have to bring her up and carry her with me, no big deal. It was consider a smooth journey except the part where she "pang sai"in the car...and somemore i was not aware. By the time i aware, it has been already worst, hard to clean d...pitty her also have to sit with her shit for dunno how long d :-( other than that, everything seems to be ok, but i am glad that my family were there together with me, they helps a lots in taking care of her, release my tension :)
Overall, it was a great trip and thanks to my borther-in-law for the hospitality and treat us a lot of good food. Muar Otak-otak (the fried type) is the BEST, yummy yummy!

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不一样的天空 said...

I love the otak otak, so nice D :)
Anyway, glad that u had a great trip and do brinng KS out often la.