Thursday, May 20, 2010

Glad to see KS developing well

Few days ago, KS has learnt new skill - clap hand :) haha, we has been teaching her for quite some time and finally, one fine night, while she laying on the bed, she start clapping her hand. So happy that she keep doing it for more than 10minutes, i guess... I also notice that she understand what it mean by the word clapping. Whenever we ask her to clap without showing her clapping on our own, she will clap too, this has made all of us proud of her :).
At the same time, i think it's time to start discipline her since she now can understand words... i start doing so by saying NO whenever she put her toy into her mouth and it seems to work well.
Next i want to teach her the word "Sayang or kiss kiss" with the motion as well of course! :)

Last, she has finally teething, after 8 months. 2 teeth has come out without us noticing it. Another new milestone for you!

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不一样的天空 said...

Next time can kiss kiss untie Amber lio ;)